What to expect from your appointment?

A holistic and individual approach

In homeopathy, we tend not to have a standard treatment for any one particular condition. The homeopathic approach is to treat each individual as a whole person, not just a disease. Therefore I will not only be interested in your symptoms but also in the kind of person you are. Information about your emotional state and disposition will most often be the key to choosing a homeopathic prescription.

Jennifer HautmanRSHom

In my experience, Homeopathy has the potential to be a catalyst for restoring balance from within.  I consider patient involvement a central component of treatment, and do my best to teach you to better manage your own health care, give you the tools you need, empowering you to make better health care decisions for yourself and your own family.


Your first consultation can last up to 90 mins.  Subsequent follow up consultations are up to 60 mins, and take place once a month.  How many appointments you will need depends on a number of factors, including: your medical history, the duration and severity of your condition, and how you respond to the remedies.


Typically, the remedy will be in tablet form (lactose or sucrose) that dissolves under the tongue.  A homeopathic prescription can consist of one or more tablets, or it may be in liquid form.  I also tend to prescribe many other things, namely Essential Oils, books, online courses, and I often give lots of links to other information and resources, and referrals to other practitioners when needed.


"Dear Jenny Hautman,

Much Gratitude to you!

As you know, I underwent emergency eye surgery for a detached retina which is now fully attached. After the surgery, I felt jittery, fearful and suffered insomnia.

By Divine Grace, you and I met up for a consultation and you then prescribed a specific homeopathic remedy. I had no expectations, and actually thought that the little white pill that you gave me would not do much.

Wow, I was wrong. Almost immediately, I noticed that the jitters stopped, my fears ceased and I began to sleep very well during and since the 7-day course of the remedy! In addition, the eye seemed to undergo a higher level of healing. My Ophthalmologist is so positive each time I visit him.

I am delighted and so very thankful for your help. I look forward to our next consultation.

Again, thank you!!!!

Kind Regards,


“I visited Jenny Hautman to try and cure my hayfever. I get it incredibly severely from February/March through till mid summer and this year was worse than ever (not helped by the Saharan dust). Having never done it before I had heard mixed reviews of homeopathy. Whereas some swear by it, others are VERY cynical. I had got to the point where I had little other choice with conventional medicine and it was a cheaper option to acupuncture. It turns out it was a quicker more effective option as well. The results were incredible. I have now visited Jenny 3 times over the course of 3 months and my hayfever has completely stopped. In fact it was virtually gone after the first session but Jenny is a perfectionist and wanted to ensure the cure was long term. I don't need to visit her any more and I shouldn’t have to next year either. I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone else who suffers from hayfever. Thank you Jenny.” Amy Pike, 2014 via Google


I wanted to let you know that I started my period this week and feel so much better. I did not have such a dramatic hormonal build up and almost no pain which is totally bizarre, almost hard for me to believe"

LM, Mother of three

BS had dark red blood in his urine for 10 days before he came to see me. As a medical professional he had done some tests but they could not find a reason for it.  A few days after taking the remedy I sent he wrote:

"I had my urology appointment today so was just waiting for that before I booked in with you again. The appointment went fine with clear urine without blood, normal kidneys on ultrasound and despite being quite unpleasant a normal cystoscope [where a telescope is passed through the urethra] except for some inflammation of the prostate - quite a sting on passing urine now though, as expected [after a cystoscope].

So thought you might be interested, the next night after I saw you I started on parsley tea (organic curly leaf) and on the following morning my urine was clear and has been since. I have been sipping at it since then just to give things a good clear out. Amazing. I also thought I'd see if there was any journal articles that supported parsley for dissolving stones, thought you might be interested (see attached) - I like it when something natural is backed up by 'science'


BS, Physiologist, March 2013
Therapeutic effects of aqueous extracts of Petroselinum sativum on ethylene glycol-induced kidney calculi in rats,by Saeidi J1, Bozorgi H, Zendehdel A, Mehrzad J.

Urol J. 2012 Winter;9(1):361-6.
"I had an enlarged ovarian cyst which was very painful. After taking the remedies Jennifer recommended and drinking green smoothies, I no longer have pain and the cyst has shrunk. Jennifer is great! Jennifer took the time to explain homeopathy and gave me lots of information to read. She was successful in helping relieve my pain and I feel healthier due to some of her recommendations. Thank you Jennifer!"

LM, Mother & Dog Trainer, March 2013
"I've recently been amazed by the effectiveness of homeopathy. After 15 years of battling acne including extremely harsh conventional drugs, it only took one homeopathy session with the amazing

Jenny Hautman

& poof acne gone. Please sign this petition to protect our access to homeopathic remedies"

Maria Mouskou
"Jenny Hautman’s homeopathy services were recommended to me by a friend. My initial reasons for seeking homeopathic remedies were for 3 reasons: irritable / sensitive skin; sinuses issues and repetitive strain injury. I needed a whole lot of fixing for many areas of my body! I had 2 or 3 meetings with Jenny. We talked through my whole life, existence, experiences and my well being. From these sessions, I really came to understand how much I take out of my body due to having a hectic lifestyle. I learnt to identify how my body reacts and recognize the patterns. My health and well being have certainly increased as I now listen to what it needs. Jenny’s sessions have definitely helped increase this new level of awareness."

MK, Self Employed Project Manager
"When I was a baby I used to feel poorly, now I feel better."

TH, girl age 2 3/4

"Well, skin is a lot better, though not completely yet. However, Jenny, in herself she is amazingly changed. In a good way. SOMETHING good has happened!"

Mother of TH.