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Natural Fertility ManagementThe Billings Ovulation Method

The Billings method is a natural way for women to monitor their menstrual cycle and fertility to achieve or avoid becoming pregnant. Clinical trials have demonstrated it’s effectiveness when four commonsense guidelines are applied. It can be used by a woman in all stages of her reproductive life: regular, irregular cycling, breastfeeding, approaching menopause, recovering from emotional and physical stress or coming off contraceptive medication. It does not require any form of rhythm counting, temperature taking, drugs or devices, and so removes concern about the effects of chemical contraceptives on health. It has great success in helping couples achieve a pregnancy where their fertility may have been in doubt. I have experience of working with this method and can help if a woman chooses to use this for herself.

Foresight Preconception: the association for the promotion of preconceptual care.
I have also received training in the Foresight method for promoting preconceptual care.  With over 30 years of experience Foresight has developed a thoroughly researched and successful programme to restore fertility by optimizing health to obtain a natural conception. Over 75% of previously infertile couples have gone on to have babies using the Foresight programme.  For best results, I would need to see both prospective parents, together and separately, for homeopathic treatment, hair mineral analysis and supplemental advice depending on the results of the laboratory tests on your hair samples.  Please see the interview with Anna Watson from Arnica Paren’ts Support Network at the bottom of the page in which she talks about her struggles with fertility before having her son.

If you are suffering with infertility, be sure to also see my page on holistic dentistry and the dangers of metal fillings and root canals.

Healthy Child, Healthy World
We are inspiring the movement to protect our children from harmful chemicals. With a growing body of evidence linking everyday environmental contaminants to asthma, learning disabilities, obesity, cancer and more, Healthy Child’s translates the science and empowers parents and caregivers to create healthy environments where children and families can flourish.Please also see my page on holistic dentistry if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, and for your childrens teeth.




The Continnuum Concept

The Continuum Concept is a book first published in 1975, that has since been trasnlated into 15 languages and sold hundreds of thousand of copies worldwide.  It was written by Jean Liedloff, an American woman, after she spent two and a half years living with the Yequana and other tribes in the Venezuelan amazon.  The concept she came to understand from these experieces was that in order for human beings – and especially babies – to achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional development, we require, and have evolved to expect something at least vaguely similar to the kind of experiences our ancesters have had during the long process of our evolution.  This means not so much our grandparents experiences, but the kinds of experiences the vast majority of our ancesters would have had over thousands of years of human evolution.  For an infant, these include such experiences as…

  • constant physical contact with his mother (or another familiar caregiver as needed) from birth;
  • sleeping in his parents’ bed, in constant physical contact, until he leaves of his own volition;
  • breastfeeding “on cue” — nursing in response to his own body’s signals;
  • being constantly carried in arms or otherwise in contact with someone, usually his mother, and allowed to observe (or nurse, or sleep) while the person carrying him goes about his or her business — until the infant begins creeping, then crawling on his own impulse, usually at six to eight months;
  • having caregivers immediately respond to his signals (squirming, crying, etc.), without judgment, displeasure, or invalidation of his needs, yet showing no undue concern nor making him the constant center of attention;
  • sensing (and fulfilling) his elders’ expectations that he is innately social and cooperative and has strong self-preservation instincts, and that he is welcome and worthy … more

Baby Wisdom by Deborah Jackson
“In every culture baby care issues are the same – from crying babies to sleepless nights, breastfeeding problems to weaning worries. But when it comes to solutions, there is much that we can learn from other country’s traditions. There are cultures, for example, where babies rarely cry, where breastfeeding is routine for grandmothers as well as mothers, and where babies always sleep with older family members. Looking beyond our own narrow approach is not only fascinating but hugely enlightening too. Tackling all the topics of modern baby care, theme by theme, this is a treasure trove of positive ideas, combining the unusual and the universal, the unexpected and the commonplace. Reassuring for parents everywhere, it shows there is no one way of bringing up baby”… more – now out of print but available second hand – it’s cheaper that way!

Our children are our future. They deserve the best of everything: clean water, good organic food, the best education we can provide, a safe environment to grow and blossom… And when they get sick, they deserve gentle, effective healing. Healing that does not violate their natural immunity, respects their body’s own wisdom to return to better health and does not have toxic side effects. And most of all, they deserve free and unrestricted access to this healing! This is what Homeopathy For Children is all about: treating our children with respect, gentleness and at no cost. Come and join our growing community of gentle, effective healing. For our children; for our planet; for us all. To find out more about the work we do, where
our FREE CLINICS are and how you can support us please fill in the form here…

The Osteopathic Centre for Children
“Our vision is to ensure that paediatric osteopathy – a gentle, effective and environmentally-friendly treatment – is established as the first recourse for parents and carers for their child’s health.  We accomplish this by raising awareness of paediatric osteopathy, participating in research, training paediatric osteopaths and providing free treatments to babies, children and pregnant and post-partum women”.
Nappy Ever After
A cotton nappy laundry service for Central and North London.
Get more Mojo with Mutu
How to flatten your tummy, loose pregnancy weight, and get the body confidence you deserve.

The MuTu® System

Until I found MuTu, I had no idea how much my post-natal saggy tummy was affecting my energy levels and my confidence.  Why did just moving around the house seem so hard, getting simple things done so difficult.  It was just demoralising.  Then I learned about diastasis recti and realised my core muscles were just gone!  The crux of my being was just jelly, no wonder every action was such an effort.

The beuty of this system is that you don’t need childcare and you don’t even need to leave the house to do it.  You do it at home, at any time of day, and with just 15mins per day (most days), and you will soon see and feel the benefits.  Plus the information included EVERY woman should know about her body!  Why isn’t this stuff taught in schools?  Not even my doctor, or even most physios for that matter can explain this stuff.  All I can say is just do it mamma!  And soon you’ll be beating your children in races, even when they’re on their scooters, and you’re in your heels!  Click here for more details

Mummy Whisperer
“Real life advice in a mum’s language, to boost your self-belief, help with all the challenges and decisions, and increase the contentment and sparkle in your families life”.

Treating fevers
Nursing ourselves and our families through a fever can be an anxious time for many of us.  The first thing most people do is reach for some pills (antipyretics) such as paracetamol, asparin, tylenol or ibuprofin thinking that they may prevent febrile convulsions following a high temperature.  This now is widely recognized however as a harmful misconception.  Trying to bring down a temperature artificially is not necessarily a safe option as there are associations between antipyretic use and risk of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, eczema and autism
Instead, most fevers can and should be left alone and can be seen as a healing process in themselves, and suppressing them can have long term consequences.  Little more than bedrest and drinking water is all that is almost always needed… more 

Vaccine awareness
Given the increasing number of vaccines offered to increasingly younger babies, despite the many risks associated with them, many parents are seeking alternative information about vaccines.  First and foremost, as parents, we need to ask:

  • Are they safe?
  • Are they effective?  
  • Are they thoroughly and independently tested for long term safety and effectiveness? and
  • What are the risks of getting the diseases the vaccines are supposed to prevent and how else could they be prevented or treated?

Homeopathy can support you and your family, whatever your position regarding vaccines is, and whatever stage of life you are at… more
Cotdeath: Vaccines & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Click the link above to hear a webinair with Dr. Scheibner as she summarises her research into babies breathing patterns using Cotwatch, a breathing monitor developed by her late husband Leif Karlsson. She will further show that the link to vaccination is revealed, often unwittingly, in data that is published in orthodox medical research. Dr. Scheibner is a retired Principal Research Scientist (Rtd) with a doctorate in Natural Sciences.

School Nurses Speak Out on Hepatitis B Vaccine
Patti White, RN, Missouri Central District School Nurse Association, June 6, 1999
Statement to the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources of the Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives
Subject: Hepatitis B Vaccine: School Nurse Perspective.  This is a school nursing perspective for the congressional hearings on May 18, 1999 regarding the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine that is being mandated for newborns and now older children in America.

Clay Bath’s for Kids
Meet Andrea Nichols, the author of this website and the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum: “I’d like to introduce you to two simple and effective detoxification products, that can help manage or even improve common developmental and behavioral challenges by removing toxic metals and chemicals from the body. Chelating and detoxifiying the body of harmful metals and chemicals is a cornerstone in the treatment protocols of DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) doctors and other enlightened health care practitioners”.

For more information about helping children to recover from Autism Spectrum Disorders, please see here.


 Arnica, UK Parent’s Support Network
The Arnica Network was formed in 2007 by parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease. Within a few years, 40 new Arnica groups have started nationwide, which we feel reflects the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families.








Present Child

Your child’s present state holds a gift for you and your family
Parents deepest wish is to see their children happy and healthy.  The PresentChild® method shows clearly how children want the same for us ‘grown ups’ and how they invest as much effort in our happiness in life as we do theirs.  Through their behaviour, play, development or symptoms children show us what needs adjustment in our lives.  Responding to the ‘education plan’ your child has for you will not only enrich your life, but it will also have a positive effect on your child’s behaviour and health and benefit your whole family.

National Homeopathy Campaign for Healthy Mother and Child, India
(can we have a National Campaign like this in the UK too please?)

“The national campaign on “Homoeopathy for Mother and Child Care” was launched by the department of AYUSH, Goverment of India, in 2007.  The campaign has been designed to increase the awareness of the potential role of homoeopathy in mother and child Health care and involves sensitization of policy makers and practitioners of different medical systems.  For this purpose orientation workshops will be conducted at state and district levels.  Training would be conducted on Train the Trainer modality at state level.  Five district level workshops for capacity building of practicing Homoeopaths, practicing in public and private sector, including NGOs, would also be conducted at various venues in the concerned districts…”