How to Build a doTERRA Business
on your terms, where you are, in your time frame
with Jennifer Hautman BA (Hons), MA, BSc (Hons), RSHom

Welcome to doTERRA business builders!  If you are reading this page, most likely you have been using doTERRA's Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and other products for a while now, and are eager to share them with your friends, extended family and colleagues, and even make a significant income from doing so (if you have not tried any doTERRA products yet, you can find out how to do so here).

Did you know that about about 65% of doTERRA customers are regular REPEAT customers, and that about 20% of doTERRA's customers love the products so much, they end up having a second income from sharing them?  That means that about 80% are buying the products, simply because they love the products.​  These are pretty good ratios for those of us in the 20% who are looking to build a business.

One of the things I love most about doTERRA however, is that their entire business model is aimed at empowering women, especially mothers (and men/dads) to be 'Ready for Anything' when it comes to their family's health care needs, AND 'wealth-care' needs.  This business model is ideal for those of us who are juggling part time work, self employment, family commitments, our own health care needs and the need to make an income, whilst having a desire to make the world a better, more healthy place to be.   This page will show you how those of us who want to share health, also get to share wealth...

There are five ways to make money with doTERRA.  Find out more here:

Plan your next and all future ranks and income goals with this rank planner:

Book a free appointment to discuss the possibilities of joining me and building your own doTERRA business here:

The following videos are shown more or less in the order that you will need them in, at least to begin with:

Why would you want to be a doTERRA business builder?

Pramela's story about how and why she became a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant

Teresa Harding, a Founding Presidential Diamond, talks about how she feels about the desire to help people and the need to make money.

doTERRA is NOT a get rich quick kind of business.  It takes a LOT of work.  But unlike any other business, the start up costs are very low, and the ceiling is virtually unlimited.  In this video Jared Winger makes clear why perseverance pays, and why all the work you do in the beginning is so worth it.

Are you building a financial pipeline, or hauling buckets?  This is a short animation version

Are you building a financial pipeline, or hauling buckets?  This is a much longer and very useful video expanding on the how and why we need to build a pipeline theme.

Another Success Story: Brianna and Bryant Hess

All About LRP's
Enrolling people onto the Loyalty Rewards Program offers great customer service and rewards for your clients,
as well as for you, the enroller, and for your clients sponsors (more about sponsors in the 'Placements' video further down). 
So it's really important to understand how they work and be able to clearly explain them with your team.

What you must know to make money with doTerra: in order to qualify for commissions, you must have an active LRP template of at least 100pv at all times.  Commissions are paid weekly and monthly, and if your LRP template is not set up right, the algorithms that allocate commissions with skip over you, and you could miss out on getting paid.

Just to be super clear: THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO EARN COMMISSIONS FROM DOTERRA.  LRP's ARE NOT COMPULSORY FOR ANYONE.  Some people I know have put off enrolling because they think they are then tied to spending money every month.  This is not true and it needs to be made clear to people that it's just a carrot, not a stick.

What is an LRP order? 
This is a nice clear explanation this is useful to share with others who are not so interested in becoming builders.  They just need the basics.  FYI: Shipping costs are only refunded in the USA.  They are not currently refunded in Europe, although this will happen before too long...

Here's an alternate explanation of LRP orders:

This LRP video is a bit more comprehensive, and is good for people you think might want to become builders, as it has a 'detour' explaining the need for a 100pv LRP template to earn commissions.  Some people however just find it too much information, which is why I might start by sharing one of the other videos above with them first.

How to Create an LRP order:

Here's an alternate video on how to set up an LRP:

How to make money with doTerra - Business Overviews

Here's a 10 min overview, it's an example of how to explain it to other people:

This might be blocked at the moment, but hopefully it will become unblocked at some time.  It is a handy brief overview, but if you've seen the longer ones below, you don't need it.

Business Overview by Edge Success

doTERRA’s compensation plan v’s insurance savings:

Another overview, this one is done by Roger Duce, whom some of you watching this will already know - it has to be watched on Vimeo:

Emily Wright, one of the seven doTERRA founders, talks about how and why they developed the compensation plan as they have, and why it is different to many other network marketing or MLM (multi level marketing) companies.

Here's a great video from the lovely Brianne Hovey, Double Presidential Diamond, one of the top 10 in doTERRA, and is at the top of our team tree. This is a must watch, it's just 20 mins long, but in it she talks about how she swore she would never have anything to do with MLM companies, because she grew up with her Dad in Network Marketing, and then goes on to talk about why doTERRA is so different.   You may need to watch it in Facebook for it to work

How to Teach Classes

It's free to login with powhow, then you can watch this video here:

It's a tutorial, about 1 hour long, about how to teach doTERRA classes in simple, duplicable ways.​

Here's info on the 'Class in a Box' available from doTERRA.  No need to reinvent the wheel!  The point is to make it easy for you, and for your builders to do this too...

Here's an example of a class.  You don't need to be fancy with a computer or projector etc.  Just some oils and basic information is great, and easy to reproduce.

If you wanted to use nothing but videos to teach your class, and then hand around oils for people to try whilst watching the relevant videos, that could work too.  Here's a playlist of youtube videos for a class:

Once you've watched them once or twice though, and started using the oils yourself, you'll soon have lots of info about all of them you can share.​

Teresa Harding: How to Close a Class.
This is a great training from an extremely experienced and authentic woman who gets near enough 100% sign-up rates at her classes.  Here's why ...

How to Enrol someone with doTERRA

How to enroll someone with doTERRA:

How to enrol 20 people in 30 days: why would you want to, and what difference would it make? (Personally I managed about 10 per month for my first couple of months, and that worked for me to get me started).

Eric Worre's book 'GoPro' is now free as a pdf and highly recommended.  It's a bit out of date in terms of technology (he was originally using tape cassettes, before the days of Facebook and Youtube), but the principles are ​the same, and modern technology just speeds the whole process up and makes communication and follow up easier for us now than it was for him back then.

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Pro, by Eric Worre: Book

Placements & Strategy

Placements: this is for when you have enrolled more than one person, and you need to decide how to start organising your doTERRA 'trees'.  But the sooner you start thinking about this the better, as it might be that before you start running around randomly enrolling everyone you can think of, you might want to hold back at first and enrol your closest friends and loved ones first, people you really want to work with and build a business with, and then place everyone else under them.  To a certain extent, it's based on a 'first come, first served' basis, so be sure to think about who you want to approach first and why.  (FYI husbands or wives have to be added to your account, they can't have separate accounts to you).

As your organisation grows, you will most likely want to come back to this video again and again to help you decide where to put people.  But also be sure to speak to your 'upline' (that would be me and anyone else further up the tree from you that you feel like speaking to) and others in your team if you have any questions about placements.

Placement strategies:

Here's someone else talking about placements:

Here's an inspiring webinair with Emily Pfeifer on how to enrol people who also want to build a doTERRA business.  Be sure to watch to the end, or scroll to 48mins, because she has a REALLY simple and powerful tip about how to keep track of your contacts:

Here's the lovely Brianne Hovey, top of our tree, giving a very useful Q&A webinair:

Miscellaneous useful websites and apps.

Essential Oil Revolution  Brianne Hovey developed this website.  The password to login is: 'letmein'​

Share Success

Edge Success

Free doTerra tools: pdfs, photos, logos, powerpoint presentations all done for you, price lists, etc….

Tear pads and essential oil business books & supplies based in London:

doTERRA University: ​

Essential Oils Univeristy, founded by Dr Robert Pappas PhD, independent EO expert:​

Dr Axe (Chiropractor who is also a doTerra builder):​

Phone apps I use and recommend:

Here you can have the doTerra store and the basics of the back office in your pocket:

This one is good too. Not so pretty, but lots of info on how to use the oils:

Here’s a good (and cheaper) alternative: