"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it."

Hippocrates, The Father of Western Medicine 460BC - 375BC

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Here's what people have said about previous Workshops:

"I have attended a workshop by Jennifer Hautman - absolutely excellent.  Very accessible, very helpful, very thorough.  Also reassuring and empowering; if you can - go! You will be doing yourself and importantly, your family, a world of good! :) "
AH, mother of 2.5 yr old girl

"I really felt the positive effect of essential oils on my breathing and motivation.  I loved the geranium so much, it brought me joy.  I also loved the Serenity blend we inhaled.  It brought me peace.  Thank you for this lovely experience"
Monia Bel Haj

"I absolutely loved sipping the refreshing Lime oil in water.  I found it very reinvigorating and energising.  All of the oils were wonderful - the Rosemary particularly seemed to get a great reaction from everyone. Great class thanks ladies!"
Bimla Safka

"Useful, un-intimidating and welcoming - thank you"

"Excellent knowledge and really plain English.  Many thanks - it was excellent".

"I was not sure what it was going to be like but it was informative, reassuring and inspiring".

"Very informative".​

"I thought it was fantastic and just what I needed!!  I think Rosemary had the biggest impact on me and love geranium" 
Hanna Jeffery