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Each Wednesday 1 - 1.45pm

Baby Massage with
Safe and Effective Essential Oils

Join Debbie and Jenny for a 4-week baby massage course that will give you space, time and tools for extra special bonding and calming time with your baby that will last a lifetime. 

£70 for 4 week course (17 Jan - 7 Feb)
Wednesdays 1.45 - 2.30pm

Kube Club, Emmanuel Church,
Lyncroft Gardens, London  NW6.

Mum and Baby Group sessions consist of:

• Four classes over 4-weeks up to 45 minutes long
• A full body massage routine and a short routine to help with colic
• Detailed handouts to take home with you
• Time for questions and a chance to share experiences
• Massage Oils are included in the course price
• Essential Oil samples are available to test in the class and purchase at wholesale prices after the class (25% off retail)

Infant massage can help:

• Strengthen baby-parent communication
• Boost self esteem and confidence in parenting
• Relax parent and baby
• Encourage a deeper sleep for baby
• Relieve wind, colic and constipation
• Develop muscle tone and co-ordination

The course is suitable for babies from birth to 12 months (I have experience in teaching babies who are crawling and even sitting).


Here's what people have said about previous Workshops:

"I really felt the positive effect of essential oils on my breathing and motivation while doing the yoga exercises. I loved the geranium so much, it brought me joy. I also loved the Serenity blend we inhaled. It brought me peace. Thank you for this lovely experience" Monia Bel Haj

"I absolutely loved sipping the refreshing Lime oil in water between each section of movement. I found it very reinvigorating and energising. All of the oils were wonderful - the Rosemary particularly seemed to get a great reaction from everyone. Great class thanks ladies!" Bimla Safka

"I thought it was fantastic and just what I needed!! I think Rosemary had the biggest impact on me and love geranium" 
Hanna Jeffery