Essential Health with Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a new discovery for me, but I have to admit, I have somewhat fallen in love with them.  I had no idea that they had so many uses.  I now use them on a daily basis for air purifying, cooking, drinking (in smoothies or water), altering my mood, waking me up when I need a lift, skin care, perfume, brushing my teeth, washing my hair, cleaning the house, and a multitude of other uses.  Quite honestly, I don't know how I lived to 40+ years without using them before.  For me, they will never replace homeopathy as my first love among therapies, but they are a wonderful set of tools that everyone should have in their home health-care tool-kit.

In fact, I'm so confident that when you try them, you too will love them, that I'll happily give you a free sample, sent to your home, or even personally delivered (if convenient)!  Just click the buttons here, choose an oil, and enter your details, or come to one of my events which always include samples:

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

Perhaps one of the main reasons why, until recently, I was not much interested in Essential Oils, is because most of them are produced for the perfume industry.  As many of you may have experienced, most perfumes are extremely toxic, and personally, I can't bear to be anywhere near the perfume departments of duty free or department stores (or nail bars for that matter). 

Of course I love a great smell, it paints a thousand pictures and memories, but almost every perfume I had ever smelt was laced with so many other toxic chemicals, they just made me feel ill, and / or gave me a rash.  On top of that, after watching my father die from chemotherapy in 2000, shortly after which my mother and I both developed breast lumps, I became acutely aware of how the toxins in our home environment, especially the products we use everyday, can lead to toxic build up in our bodies that can lead to serious chronic, or even fatal, diseases.  So for 15+ years, I did everything I could to avoid all 'perfumed' products in a bid to avoid the inevitable carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) that they contained.

But then, along came doTerra and changed all that.  Suddenly here was a company providing natural products that not only smelled heavenly, but were also non- toxic, and even better, are actually GOOD for my health, and my family's health, as well as being sustainable, ethical and fairly traded as well.  A whole new world of blissful scents and flavours in household healthcare products, nutritional supplements, personal beauty products and cleaning products opened up to me, and I am so grateful for them.

Healthcare v's Perfume

The key difference with doTerra Essentail Oils, compared to most other Essentail Oil brands, is that they are produced for the Healthcare Industry, not the Perfume Industry.

If all you are interested in is extracting the scent from plants, then naturally, you will want to produce as much scent, as quickly and cheaply as possible, even if it means using toxic solvents in the extraction & distillation process, and / or toxic synthetic versions made from petroleum based products, not plants.  This is why almost all other Essential Oil brands state clearly that their oils are strictly NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INTERNAL USE, and once used in products, are then often tested on animals for toxicity.​

If all you are interested in is the scent, then it doesn't really matter to you that in this process, most of the many other potential therapeutic qualities of Essential Oils are lost, so long as it still smells OK.

If, however, you want to produce Essential Oils for the Healthcare Industry, including for internal therapeutic use, then your focus has to be completely different, right from the start.  Every decision made, including: selecting the individual plants, deciding where to grow them, in what altitude and environmental conditions, how they are grown, when and how they are harvested, and the method of oil extraction through compression or distillation; each of these factors affects the final purity and potency of the finished oil. 

Having done some considerable research, it is now my firm belief that all things considered, the 'Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade' standards set by doTerra for every single batch of oil they sell, are the highest standards in the industry for both purity and potency, and they are not tested on animals.

The best way to understand this difference is to experience it for yourself. 
So please check the top of this page for the latest oil sharing event,
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Are doTERRA Oils Organic? 
If so, why doesn't it say so on the bottle?

Emily Wright is one of the founders of doTERRA.  Here, she explains why doTERRA oils might not say they are organic on the label, however they do say CPTG, which is in fact a much higher standard than organic certification, and here's why ...

"Many of doTERRA's essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification.  The reason for this is because we source from so many developing countries.  The certification requirements and availability differs from country to country.  Some countries don't even have a certification offering.  For example, it costs $2,500 for a grower to receive organic certification in Madagascar.  This certification lasts two years.  Most of the time, an inspector never even visits the farm to verify that they are, in fact, growing organically.  The fee is what matters here.  However, most of the growers in this impoverished country cannot afford the certification, although they are all growing by the same standards.  Pesticides and herbicides are not used.  The reason doTERRA has chosen not to print "certified organic" or "ECOCERT" on our labels is because each lot has different certifications.  Some of our Ylang Ylang may come in with organic certification and another lot may not have the certification.  These two lots meet the very same quality standards.  They go through the same battery of tests and are both certified not to contain pesticides, herbicides, fillers, synthetics, or added natural compounds.  There is no difference in the quality or purity.  One producer simply paid a fee to be certified organic and another did not."

"When we say that our oils are better than organic, it is because we have the ability to see even the smallest component in each lot of oil.  If there is anything contained in the essential oil that was not naturally produced by nature in the plant with nothing added, it is rejected. 
That's what I love about our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade process. 
We work with the best analytical scientists in the world--nothing gets past them!"

What are Essential Oils?

Where do doTERRA Essential Oils Come From?

What's the difference between Herbalism, Essential Oils, Pharmaceuticals and Homeopathy?

Herbalism uses often uses whole plants or else the leaves, roots, flowers, bark, stems and resin for teas, compresses, tinctures, ointments and creams that are used for medicinal purposes.  Herbs have been used by mankind and animals for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for many thousands of years.

Essential Oils are the oils extracted from medicinal plants, and are therefore highly concentrated complex doses of plant compounds.  Their production is very resource and labour intensive, making them more expensive than the raw herbs.  In a nutshell, by using plant oils, we are using the immune systems of plants to help us fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses, and to boost our own immunity and vitality.  Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years, including in large quantities by the Ancient Egyptians.

Pharmaceutical drugs are often produced by extracting what is believed to be 'the active compound' from plants, and then synthetically reproducing it in concentrated form in laboratories.  This process is then patented and the drugs are often prescribed in highly concentrated doses.  Pharmaceutical drugs are a relatively new invention, with the oldest drugs having been used for perhaps 200 years and the most recent drugs having only been developed perhaps a few months before reaching the market.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, uses highly diluted and succussed doses of natural substances, from herbal, mineral or animal sources.  It is this dilution that makes it safer than herbalism, essential oils, or pharmaceutical , whilst the succussion allows it to still contain effective nanostructures that are recognised by the body.  This ‘minimum dose’ concept is one of the key principles of homeopathy, and means that it is especially safe during pregnancy and birth, for breastfeeding mothers, babies and children.  It also means that homeopathy is the most sustainable form of medicine as it is so highly resource efficient.  Whilst homeopathy is derived from herbalism, it was developed about 250 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

So despite both being therapeutic and both being from natural sources, Essential Oils are the opposite of Homeopathy - oils are highly concentrated, whilst homeopathic remedies are highly dilute.  I use them therefore in very different ways, and certain safety guidelines need to be followed, especially with oils.  Having said this, I love them both, and feel they both have an important role to play in helping us to become healers in every home.

In this video you can see some of the benefits experienced by hospital staff when they diffused doTerra essential oils in their clinical space.

The diffusers and oils used in this hospital can be purchased from doTerra (see the catalogue and price list below), but for home use diffusers can also be purchased inexpensively from Amazon.  For example, I like to use this one, which is about £20 from Amazon:

Safety Guidelines for Essential Oils

Please be sure to have a look at the safety guidelines in the pdf below.  I would also add to these that some oils, especially the citrus oils, can degrade plastic, so when using them internally, ALWAYS use them in GLASS containers and not plastic, and be careful when placing them on furniture or wooden floors, as some oils can damage the polished surface.

If you or your child has a skin reaction to any oil, dilute it by applying a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil if that's all you have, not water.

Products and Prices

How to Get Oils at Wholesale Prices - 25% - 55% off!!

There are some great bonus starter packs (Enrolment Kits) if you want to have a head start to your oil collection - and depending on which one you choose, you could start getting 15-25% discounts on orders in your first month, on top of the 25% wholesale discount.  Plus, when you buy any kit, the annual wholesale membership fee of £20 is waived.  Or, if you want to start off just buying one or two of your favourite oils, that's great too.  You can start slowly or dive in head first, you will mostly likely find yourself using them daily either way.

(Be sure to choose 'Wholesale Membership' as this offers the best membership benefits.  If you are not sure, just holler: 07766057823)

The Smartest Way to Buy

The smartest way to order oils is through the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), especially if you will be using these oils daily.  The LRP not only qualifies you for the wholesale 25% discount, but also allows you to get an additional 10-30% off your total purchase in free product points and free products each month.  So that could be up to 55% off!  To do this you need to sign up as a Wholesaler first, and then make sure to place an LRP order before the 15th of each month.

A Loyalty Rewards Program order is a recurring monthly order. Your shopping list, shipping dates, and payment information can be changed up to 24hrs before the order is processed, and the package usually arrives the next day (within the UK).  They can also be cancelled at any time. Depending on how much you order, you can also get free products each month.

Looking to start your own business or add to your services?

I don't know how business minded you are, but if you think you might like to earn money from sharing your experiences with essential oils, this might be just the thing for you

In essence, doTerra is like a 'Tupperware' company, so if you would like to organise or host an 'Essential Oils Party', add oils to your Yoga class or workshop, learn about using AromaTouch oils for massage, bring oils to your gym, running club or football club, or add oils to any other services you already provide, just let me know and we'll make a plan ...

The Science bit ...

For those of you who are into the science side of things, you might be interested in this 26 min presentation by Dr. Robert Pappas PhD, an independent scientist who is the world leader in essential oil chemistry, founder of Essential Oils University, and who's laboratories oversees the quality testing of dōTERRA essential oils.  In this video he talks about adulteration (contamination) in the essential oil industry and what to look for in essential oil chemistry to ensure you are getting the most pure and potent oils possible.


Want to know more about how to get doTERRA Essential Oils in London UK, or in Sweden?​

I'm so confident that when you try them, you too will love them, that I'll happily give you a free sample, sent to your home, or even personally delivered (if convenient)!  Just click the buttons here, choose an oil, and enter your details, or come to one of my events which always include samples: