Arnica Parents’ Support Group Network

The Arnica Parent's Support Group Network  for Promoting Natural Immunity ( was formed in 2007 by Anna Watson and other parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease.  Since then over 100 Arnica groups have formed nationwide and internationally, which we feel reflects the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families.

Since 2009 I have been the coordinator for the North London Arnica Group.  We have a mailing list of over 100 people, some of whom meet monthly during term time in members homes.  If you would like to join us, please email  If you are not in North London, please check the Groups page to find one nearest to you, or contact Anna Watson to start your own!

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If you would like to be involved, please sign up for the Arnica Newsletter as it is one way of knowing how many people are involved with Arnica and it is one central place for Anna to communicate with us all:

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A great place to ask for support & ideas, any time of the day or night

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A great listening resource. 1-2 hours on health topics. FREE but please donate something if you can as it takes days to put these together and they are very informative:

Natural Health Finder
A great way to find local resources, from Holistic Dentists to Herbalists, from Acupuncturists to Allotments, from Community groups to Courses... What's on, Whose who and What's for sale in the fields of Natural Health and Community, including local Arnica groups:

Attention Practitioners!
Anna Watson, founder of Arnica, is also a co-founder of Natural Health Finder, a great place to advertise inexpensively, find local clients, colleagues to refer to when needed, and help support Arnica:

If you can afford to make a donation for Arnica expenses that would be fantastic. 
Apart from a modest contribution to Anna Watson's phone bill (Anna is the founder of Arnica) she do not receive a penny from Arnica donations, and hasn't done in nearly 9 years.  However, the annual trip to the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance in Vienna is too expensive for her own pocket, so even a few pounds would really help.  The paypal donate button is on this page as well as our bank details.  Perhaps a cake sale or a donation box at your next meeting?  Thanking you in advance!